A playful reminder that it's time to take out the trash


How many times has it happened to you that you keep deleting things on your Mac without realizing that the Bin is filled so much so that it’s on the verge of stinking?

I don’t know about you but that is the case for me for the longest time. There’s no indication of the fact that we should be emptying the Bin unless you open it yourself. Just last week, I checked my Bin and found out that it has accumulated over 4 GB of junk. Meh.

Well, we now have got a new app that will indicate when the bin is full and that too in a pretty innovative way.

The app is called BananaBin. Once installed, the app shows a bunch of flies flying around your Bin. The more flies, the more junk you have in your bin. And the best part is, the flies look so realistic when they flies around the Bin!

As for the preferences, you can choose the pre-defined thresholds for when the bin should be considered full: Janitor Mode (10 MB), The Recycler (1 GB), and Garbage Hoarder (10 GB).

BananaBin Preferences

You can try BananaBin for free while it’s in beta.

→ Try BananaBin

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